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Let’s Get Puppetty!

Improv + Interactive Paper Puppets = Creativity and Fun
When I was young, and I thought about what I wanted to do with my life, I realized I wanted to be like Felix the Cat. I wanted a magical bag of tricks I could reach into and take over a room and lead people on an adventure.

David Freleng


The Get Puppetty Stage…

A theater arts degree and 30 years of performing and experimenting and having fun with kids of all ages has evolved into the Get Puppetty Stage. It’s my Grandma’s make up kit from the 50’s crammed with all the gear we need to turn you into a puppet and recreate and film your favorite stories, or just make stuff up and see where it goes.

Technology has caught up with my imagination. I can now take a picture of your face, print it out, and we can slap it onto any body you want in just a few minutes.

Once you are made into a puppet…

…it’s a game changer. It’s you, but it’s not you. Inhibitions melt away. Stories from the past that may have been difficult or traumatic lose their power and become funny and cathartic and relatable. The puppet can go through terrible experiences or explore strange narratives and the storyteller remains safe. Or if you just want to make James Franco suffer, we can do that also.

I want to hear your stories…

…and help you capture and share them. Your friends and family want to see your stories come to life and be told by you.

I am constantly surprised and delighted to watch people who don’t think they are creative transform into amazing storytellers.

David showed up with his bag of tricks and created an experience that no one expected and a night that no one will forget.

Erik G.

People Getting Puppetty

Creativity Workshop…

While working with a group from China that felt a bit stuck on the task at hand, I took pictures of them all and made them into puppets. They all started laughing and got to work making their ‘costumes’ and made a story about their trip and how they all turned into superheros and saved the day. The fun and collaboration and bonding that resulted carried through to the other project and the feeling of being stuck was gone.

Mr. Johnson!

Mr. Johnson sat in a wheelchair in the back of the dementia ward staring out the window. After working with the folks for a while I asked a question about the story that was developing.  “So, when the Wizard of Oz landed on Pluto and was greeted King Toto, where did the king offer to take the Wizard first?”  From the back of the room, a gruff voice said loudly, “Took him to the pub for a pint!” The three attendants in the room all exclaimed, “Mr. Johnson!” Apparently, he hadn’t spoken in years. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take Mr. Johnson to the pub.

Puppets vs. iPad…

I showed up at a party in Venice where I met Lilikoi (12) and her mom, Kyla. Lilikoi was engrossed in her iPad as the party went on around her. We started making puppets and soon Lilikoi had a puppet of her mom and was doing her best ‘mom’ voice and the two of them had everyone in stitches telling their story. Kyla said, “We haven’t spoken this much in six months!” Lilikoi continued to hang out and the iPad sat in the corner for the rest of the night.

Cole and Nancy…

He got to the restaurant early and arranged to have a corsage and ring brought out with a bucket of champagne. My mother had never been to a fancy restaurant before and was so impressed that you get flowers and a ring when you buy champagne! “Nancy, this isn’t like Cracker Jacks!” Cole, said.  “I’m asking you to marry me!” I’ll bet your family is just as weird and funny as mine. Let’s get together and tell those stories.

Ready to Get Puppetty?

Questions or Booking Inquiries?

Team building and creativity workshops, kids parties, and bringing some joy to senior care facilities are my favorites, but I can bring my bag of tricks to almost any event. Let’s talk!

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